Individually created, Wearable and functional art 
Trendy Industrial looking heavy duty charcoal gabardine, upholstry burlap front pocket detail. charcoal water resistant  base  $169.00

  • Now with sturdy top closing zippers
  • The Carry all Tote  is 19"w x 14"h x 6" deep, reinforced bottom and feet
  • Each bag is individually composed, crafted, signed and numbered by the Artist
  • Very durable and versatile,  holds a laptop or ipad, can be used as commuter bag, work tote, airplane carryon or travel bag
  •  four roomy inside pockets & three outside, sturdy bottom feet
  • sturdy, stand alone construction,  & scotchguarded
  • Special orders, custom orders and shipping available!
Purchase information:   All of the handbags are Individually composed, signed & numbered by the Artist and considered wearable and functional art.  Once an item is sold it cannot be reproduced, but a similar one can be created as a special order. visa and mc  accepted .   you can contact me at
Exchanges can be made within one week of purchase in unused condition.  Customer assumes all shipping costs. special orders not returnable. 
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soft teal with Indie artsit created octopus printed on sturdy denim, dk teal details and teal corded base $169.00

Vintage canvas cirtcus tent material, with original tent details. very durable. laundered,   water resistant art canvas base   $189.00

t30591117 Heavy dutywater resistant upholstery in black Multi Deco fabric, dotted details,  black water resistant stripe base  $169.00
t20051015 teal & citrinewith olive, dk teal faux alligator base and swirl details   $169.00
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trendy "wisher" upholstery in do taupe, black ,wt pattern, water resistant stripe base, taupe/bulk pattern details. $169.00
Trendy black and red native print with red/black watchplaid details black corded base 169.00

fabulous lime eco canvas jellyfish, artwork from Indie artists that upload their work for print.makes them extra special and unique. water resistant base $179.00

T 29220817 Versatile taupe print with hint of  black and  pomegranite, black orbit details and charcoal tweed base $ 169.00
leaf green & taupe Stags and paisley layered art canvas pattern, grey dots handles and trim, water resistant stripe base          $169.00 sold
Versatile carryall black with Fun Monkey print. Blue green diamond patterned details, resistant multi colored corded base       T29230817.  $169.00 sold
t30431117 durable printed vinyl in soft earth tones of cocoa, sand and blue, striped details and wrought iron print base $169.00
Neurtral and sturdy this fun black paisley with black details and water reistant corded base           $169.00
black, silver and gold interlock circles detail, black stripe pocket and handles, corded patterned vinyl water resistant base                                         $169.00 sold
t30421117 Plum waves durable water resistant upholstery with solid plum details and corded base $169.00 sold
Very fun and neutral queen bee upholstery embroidered with vintage bee front & by, bulk details and handles, black paisley base      $169.00 
New, Vintage canvas circus tent material, water reistant corded coordinating base. original stripe tent details and hardware    $189.00
t30611117 black upholstery with deco floral, squares details and handles, durable dblack gold plaid water resistant  base     $169.00 
169.00 sold
dally with Daisies, heavy duty burlap daislies black grey details and black corded base  169.00
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