Purchase information:    All handbags are individually composed, signed & numbered by the artist. Once the item is sold it cannot be reproduced, but a similar one can be created as a special order. Visa and mc  accepted.    US orders only.  You can call 215-696-1359 or email me @ carole@carolekyle.com . special orders not returnable.
Exchanges can be made one week from purchase date, in unused condition. Customer assumes all shipping charges. wholesale returns subject to %15 restock fee
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  • These distinctive everyday handbags are individually composed, signed & numbered by the Artist
  • sturdy reinforced bottoms, stand alone construction
  • four roomy built in interior pockets, 26" handles 
  • top closing zipper, tote size 16"w x 12"h x 4" deep
  • Upholstery grade fabrics, scotchguarded

Navy Deco Circles detail and tie, silver buckle and navy stripe tie  $145.00

Individually composed, wearable Art handbags

 smoke grey, the new Neutral.. upholstery, goes thru all seasons, grey stripe tie, grey brick base    $145.00

peacock colorblack with flourette detail and herringbone base  $139.00
Current Inventory Updated Weekly & Purchase online @ Etsy.com/carolekylehandbags

You May Purchase each of these Handbags by visiting my Etsy site etsy.com/carolekylehandbags There you can view multiple photos of each item in detail and zoom. Questions can be adressed to me directly carolekylebags@gmail.com
ev22370516 funky creme geometric with smoke, sea & camel accents of color. tweed base of same colors.  $139.00
ev25010916 black pebble flower with wash tie square buckle , tweed base   $139.00
Midday stars...very Neutral soft smoke upholstery highlighted with floral tie, silver buckle, smoke patterned base. $142.00

ev25170916  creme french print with dk charcol, charcol tweed handles and charcoltweed base$139.00
New charcol fluer d lis embelished with handcut metallic leather flowers, stiched on, charcol corded base $149.00 
Garden dance... soft camel, sand and rose ultra suede is complimented with hand cut leather flowers, and tooled with metal buttons, sand corded, water resistant base   $149.00
French garden letter...creme upholstery with custom embroidered dragonflies on print. Neutral mushroom coordinated base       $142.00
multi charcol deco octagons with dk charcol stripe tie, silver acryllic bkl, charcol tweed base.
Gone shelling...soft creme and navy water resitant plaid base and handles, appliqued sand dollar on same fabric and reverse       $145.00   
Trendy Industrial look creme & smoke herringbone with charcol tweed base and upholstery burlap tie & bkle    $145.00
Bohemaian black, taupe paisley in durable upholstery,  charcol tweed base, black pattern ttie and blk acryllic buckle               $149.00
New, handcut and sewn leather flowers in taupe and black embelish front of this paisley in black and taupe, with creme. black stripe handle, charcol tweed base                                    $149.00

New, Recycled Vintage Circus tent. Elements of original tent.  coordinating water resistant corded base  $145.00

taupe print with black and a hint of red, plaid water resistant base, black print handles, appliqued front stamp gives dimension $142.00 
New. Eco Canvas "colorful Urchin Garden" Indie Artists make their artwork available to print in small quanities, h20 resitant corded base  $142.00
Make a wish...Khaki taupe backround and blk & wt wisher and tie, stylish round offset buckle, charcol coordinating base $142.00

 black and white deco star pattern, polka dot tie, black stripe water resistant base    $142.00
soft grey paisley hints of lemon add a fresh flair, two front outside pockets,  basket weave base   $139.00
dk chocolate brick pattern highlighted with new handcut leather flowers and studs.  black stripe base   $149.00
Stunning summer bag.. made from durable outdoor furniture fabric black and bright birds and flowers  $139.00
make a statement wherever u go...embroidered bright floral on a black backround and print black base,    $142.00